Luc Eymael: I Am Not Racist I Am Sorry

Former Young Africans SC Coach Luc Eymael Pens Apology Message During an Interview with African Sports Today

Luc Eymael is probably one of the most famous foreign coaches in Africa right now, not because of his success in the pitch but his last encounter while working for the Tanzanian side Young Africans Sports Club. Luc went viral after his audio interview where he was calling out for Yanga SC management to release him due to poor working conditions in Tanzania. He went ahead to describe Yanga SC fans as “making noise like monkeys”

But the Belgium coach has distanced himself from the audio that led to his misfortune in Africa. During an interview with African Sports Today, Luc insists that he is not racist, the audio was orchestrated to tarnish his name and reputation.

“I repeat that I am not a racist person. You cannot work in Africa for 11 years and be racist. I have helped so many people in each country that I have coached in. Labeling me a racist is nothing but a ca-belle against me.” Luc stated

Luc however confirmed that part of the words on the audio are true. “It was true that I spoke about the working conditions and the situations that happened to my wife several times. I also said that I preferred not to continue at the club in the next season but I did not speak racist words as it was presented.”

“We rose from position 6 to position 2 with a team that was 4 times less strong than the previous season. The players and staff worked so hard even in the toughest work conditions to make success happen. We were playing good soccer. We won against Simba for the first time in 5 years We managed to do that because of the unity of the team” He recalled

In his last words, the well-traveled coach penned an apology to all the fans and football stakeholders “I can understand people that heard those audio clips and I want to once again apologize to all the people that have been hurt by my words and actions. Those words were taken out of context and were used to completely tarnish my reputation. I did say some of the statements on the audio. I just want to apologize to all the fans. I respect you so much and I am sorry if the broadcasted details hurt you. It was not my intention and I am not the kind of man that some people are trying to describe. All the players or people who have worked with/around me can attest to this.”

Luc could not log out without calling out Yanga SC management to clear out with him and pay his dues “Am yet to receive a termination letter from Yanga SC despite the many emails from my lawyer to the club. I also never received salary for half of June and full July bonuses included. There has also never been any meeting with me despite my lawyer writing to the federation and to the club three times.”

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