Pitso Mosimane is on his way to a new club

"However, Thlagale also confirmed that Mosimane and his coaching staff are not lacking in offers." Kabelo Rangoaga, Musi Matlaba, and Kyle Solomon are among the employees.

South African tactician, Pitso Mosimane, is on the verge of joining another African football powerhouse. This follows his departure from Al Ahly on Monday,13th,2022.

According to insiders, despite the fact that the club stated that it was at his request, Al Ahly fired Mosimane.

However, the Lion, as he is known, appears to have many offers at the table.

According to recent reports, the 57-year-old could be Saudi Arabia’s next coach. Among other teams mentioned is Morocco national team.

Despite his agent’s claims that pitso Mosimane has not signed any contract, her phone nearly rang nonstop during an interview with a South African media outlet.

Pitso Mosimane’s letter to Al Ahly after partying ways via @getsocial_io

Mosimane agent interview

“I got a lot of calls on Monday from different international and domestic [SA] clubs interested in him,” Thlagale said.

Therefore, it is important to state for the record that we have not signed anything with anyone “she revealed to Times LIVE.

“Both international and domestic teams need the coach services. Also, three local South Africa teams,” she said.

The agent went on to say that they have yet to reach an agreement with anyone.

Some of the teams that called him wanted to know if he had already signed with anyone.

“This is because there have been media reports claiming that he has been linked with certain clubs, which is completely false.

“However, Thlagale also confirmed that pitso Mosimane and his coaching staff are not lacking in offers.” Kabelo Rangoaga, Musi Matlaba, and Kyle Solomon are among the team.

Thlagale believes her client will take his time weighing his options.

“Over the next few days and weeks, we will begin to assess the level of interest.”

“However, as I previously stated, there have been numerous inquiries for pitso mosimane and the rest of the team. “However, we haven’t signed with anyone,” she added.

“We will weigh our options, but for now, the coach is preparing to return home for some rest.”

“In the meantime, I will consult with them and work on the project.”

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